mike cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Thu Jan 5 03:39:06 EST 2012

Le 05/01/2012 09:07, Clive D.W. Feather a écrit :

> Michael Sokolov said:

> But are you sure that NTP would be the right protocol? The first and

> most immediate problem with NTP is that if the ITU bastards have their

> way this month,

>> For me "GMT" has a very simple meaning: it basically means "the exact

>> timescale doesn't matter, it can be anything as long as it comes from

>> someone like Rob Seaman and NOT from someone like PHK".

> Who let Humpty-Dumpty on to this list?


Clive, Michael, I think we should confine ourselves to debating the
issues rather than commenting on the parental origins of the IUT
representatives or credibility and stability of other contributors.

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