[LEAPSECS] Straw men

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Mon Jan 9 13:24:17 EST 2012

Ian Batten wrote:

> More specifically, it breaks a subset of earth-facing applications which rely on UTC, by name, and have no means to apply any offset other than DUT1 in the range |DUT1|<1, but do have the ability to apply those small DUT1s, which in turn tends to imply that these are applications which get DUT1 from broadcast sources which only have a resolution of 0.1s, and therefore can tolerate a pointing error of ~0.05s.

It breaks applications that relied on something called "Coordinated Universal Time" to actually remain a type of Universal Time.

> That seems quite a small subset of equipment, and one has to ask whether the rest of society needs to pay the price for it.

And the tools for addressing what things "seem" and what price should be paid are called systems engineering best practices. Don't forget the process design and system-of-systems issues.

Rob Seaman
National Optical Astronomy Observatory

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