[LEAPSECS] Straw men

mike cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Tue Jan 10 05:14:23 EST 2012

Le 10/01/2012 08:18, Poul-Henning Kamp a écrit :

> Rob,


> To say that your unconvincing statement of conjecture as fact is getting

> a bit tiresome may be to understate the situation somewhat.


> If you start with the name, the word that sets UTC apart from all

> the other UTs is the word "coordinated".


> That word refers to the coordination between the nation states as

> organized under the United Nations.

As I understand it the meaning of "coordinated" in this context has
precious little to do with nation states or the United Nations.
It denotes the efforts of numerous national labs , starting with the US
and British, to coordinate frequency and epoch offsets for radio time
transmission .

> Therefore UTC is not a mathematical timescale.

For something not mathematical , a lot of effort and money goes into
calculating it. I Don't see, given my understanding above, what you are
getting at here.


> Neither is it is a scientific timescale.


> Nor an astronomical timescale,


The same goes for these. UTC is UT1 with bounded error bars, I don't see
what is either unscientific, or non astronomical with that.

The current attempt to degrade the definition of UTC is deliberately
reducing the transmitted time information. We have the technology to
provide more and better precision. All the data required by the
different camps could be put on the same waves. So we could have our
cake and eat it.
As there is no rush to change anything. We could take the time to
identify requirements which satisfy pretty much all users and define
coherent recommendations to cover them. By coherent, I mean to exclude
references to undefined sources as seen in ITU-R 236/7 for example
"disseminated by multiple sources." or polite requests to third party
organisations such as " invites the IERS and the service providers of
Global Navigation Satellite Systems to offer convenient access to values
of UT1−UTC so that users have access to UT1."

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