[LEAPSECS] "not my job" ?

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Tue Jan 10 09:12:37 EST 2012

My, my, my. What a fuss over a few messages that you guys could simply have ignored.

Warner Losh wrote:

> It is not my job to make their plans for them, nor is it ITUs. If things change, you need to adapt.

No, it is my job to clean up the mess this will leave. It is the job of many other people in astronomy and aerospace and related fields. And unlike Y2K, it is the job of a bunch of people who don't even know the issue exists yet.

Obviously we would be forced to adapt. We can't all be a "one-man micronation" like Michael :-) More power to him, but that isn't a "coordinated" plan either.

The question is, are you guys going to help clean up the mess? And if not, what are you doing here? Go ahead. Send another dozen messages telling us how this isn't a problem, or if it is that it's one we should have known to solve in 1985.


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