[LEAPSECS] Some details

François Meyer fmeyer at obs-besancon.fr
Wed Jan 18 17:51:49 EST 2012

>From a french delegate :

The insteresting session will start thursday 13:00 UTC.

The decision will be made during that RA, so
deadline is Friday evening.

Voting procedure (needs confirmation) :
If a vote is required, a quorum of 50% of the delegates
is required ; if not reached, there will be an extraordinary
session of the RA immediately following, with a second vote
(and, I guess, no quorum requirement).

The decision needs a simple majority (50%)
of the voting (yes or no) delegations.
Abstentionists are not accounted for.

It will not be just a dry vote ; severe arguments are
expected with contributions from the US and UK, and
comments from other delegations, before a possible vote.

So, there will be some fun apparently...
François Meyer
Observatoire de Besancon - BP1615 - 25010 Besancon cedex - FRANCE
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