[LEAPSECS] ITU video interview

Mark Calabretta mcalabre at atnf.csiro.au
Thu Jan 19 17:57:16 EST 2012

On Thu 2012/01/19 08:33:14 PDT, Rob Seaman wrote
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>BTW, is there anything actually informative in the youtube video?

Yes. This is what he said:

"For the first years we won't notice, but as I said before, after
a hundred years the deviation will be probably in the order of
one minute and thirty seconds, and a quarter of an hour after
one thousand years, and maybe one hour after three thousand or
four thousand years."

The ABC reporter got it right - he asserts linearity. I'm amazed
that noone on this list picked up that glaring error.

Approximately one hour after 600 years is the canonical figure.

Mark Calabretta

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