[LEAPSECS] Leap seconds decision deferred until 2015

Mark Calabretta mcalabre at atnf.csiro.au
Thu Jan 19 22:18:08 EST 2012

On Thu 2012/01/19 15:38:15 PDT, Warner Losh wrote
in a message to: Leap Second Discussion List <leapsecs at leapsecond.com>

>So I'm not too optimistic since all the focus has been on

>'let's just junk them entirely' with little middle ground


The LEAPSECS list now has over 6000 messages by my count going
back to the start. Particular points have been hashed over time
and time again. Is it reasonable to expect interested parties,
including members of the ITU, to sift through it all trying to
collate and evaluate the arguments for and against?

In the past I have suggested that a wiki be created to distill
the information content and opinions expressed on this list.
Considering the considerable time and energy still being devoted
to contributions, perhaps just a little of it could be siphoned
off to create some sort of summary before the 2015 RA. That way
the middle ground may be a bit better explored.

Mark Calabretta

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