[LEAPSECS] The ends we seek

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at joda.org
Fri Jan 20 09:49:10 EST 2012

On 20 January 2012 14:31, Daniel R. Tobias <dan at tobias.name> wrote:

> On 20 Jan 2012 at 17:26, Mark Calabretta wrote:


> > If UTC is discontinuous in any sense then so must the Gregorian

> > calendar be, with a "discontinuity" 86400 times greater on Feb/29.


> You don't even have to wait for a leap year for a non-uniform radix,

> since you've already got that in "30 days hath September" and the

> rest of the month lengths.


There are four key elements of date/time that vary:
- month lengths
- leap years
- DST & permanent offset changes
- leap seconds

And those are in decreasing order of importance.

Some have suggested that leap seconds could be absorbed as a "permanent
offset change". One of the proposals that should be written up is how that
would work.

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