[LEAPSECS] Multi-timezone meetings

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Wed Jan 25 10:00:49 EST 2012

Gerard Ashton <ashtongj at comcast.net> wrote:


> This suggest a desire for an algorithm that accepts as input a latitude

> and longitude of a point of interest, and a set of boundaries, and

> determines which of the regions the point of interest falls in. Does

> anyone know of such an algorithm?

I believe another part of the CLDR timezone work is to produce a database
of timezone boundaries.

There's another approach which is to represent locations hierarchially
(e.g. my office is on the New Museums Site in Cambridge in Cambridgeshire
in the UK) and attach TZ refs to the appropriate point on the hierarchy.
You may have to perturb the hierarchy when TZ boundary changes occur (e.g.
introduce a Scotland / England distinction). This is more easily managed
by people who will usually not know their ICBM addresses, let alone that
of other places.

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