[LEAPSECS] telescope systems saw the leap second

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Sun Jul 1 13:32:00 EDT 2012

On Jun 30, 2012, at 5:12 PM, Steve Allen wrote:

> and our new telescope just emitted this heretofore unseen but entirely expected gem of warning about the clock difference between the motor controller cards in the WinNT systems and the Linux systems that do everything else:


> The difference between 'PMAC' and Unix time is now -0.992362

I sent an all-staff message last night asking for reports of any issues. From our mountaintop in Arizona (3 telescopes operating):

"Survived the leap second unscathed, no problems."

From our two mountains in Chile (4 telescopes), just this:

"At least on the few instruments I monitored, no issues last night."

Note a selection effect with anecdotal reporting: nobody tweets about things that don't happen :-) By comparison the absence of reports in numerous daily logs at the observatory is significant. Last night was moderately busy (3,500+ exposures) and all we heard is: "the light in one of the bathrooms is out". Nothing about the major observatory systems. Even slight quirks with the cameras or telescopes themselves are normally reported. I can attest myself that our Java/Linux/MySQL based data flow, archive, web portal, etc., were not noticeably affected.

Heartily support Steve's postmortem comments. Thanks to PHK for the compilation of messages. Now, what do they mean?


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