[LEAPSECS] telescope systems saw the leap second

mike cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Sun Jul 1 15:03:47 EDT 2012

Le 01/07/2012 20:21, Zefram a écrit :

> Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

>> It means that Daniel Gambis wasn't even close to the mark

> It's been a good advertisement for the position that if there are to

> be leaps then we should be leaping most months (usually in alternating

> directions). The Linux glitches are not just an example of a rarely-used

> system concealing bugs: a major factor in them has been the uncertainty

> about which kernels are susceptible, which is itself a product of the

> rarity of leap seconds.

The rarity is only an issue in the fact that developers forget that they
are around and don't test for their arrival.. It is very easy to create
a test rig to reproduce leaps as often as required and as their
propagation is well defined and understood there should be no issues.
It seems from what has been posted here and elsewhere, that a good
number of the issues were known of and "fixed" prior to june 30th.
Which shows that there is a lack of good communication or downright
irresponsibility on the part of some admins. A bit like ignoring a
warning from your garage that your tires need changing, then complaining
when you are in the ditch. Communication between developers and
customers is often hampered because customers do not want to pay for

Les chiens aboyent, et la caravane passe

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