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Richard B. Langley lang at unb.ca
Wed Jul 11 07:27:57 EDT 2012

Did any BBC radio station transmit the 7-pip Greenwich Time Signal for
the leap second? I did check the iPlayer repeats from BBC Radios 1
through 5 but it appears that these stations, at least via iPlayer,
didn't use it. Unlike for the 2008 leap second when Radio 5 made a big
deal about it.
-- Richard Langley

On 11-Jul-12, at 6:27 AM, Peter Vince wrote:

> On 11 July 2012 02:42, Michael Spacefalcon

> <msokolov at ivan.harhan.org> wrote:


>> Of course. However, this issue would only exist if the external time

>> input is an ASCII string or struct in HH:MM:SS format, and I have yet

>> to see a system that uses such formats for time interchange. All

>> systems that I'm familiar with use time-as-a-real-number formats

>> instead: JD, MJD, time_t, NTP, etc.


>> SF


> We use a twenty-year-old system that does just that - outputs an ASCII

> string once a second at 300 baud on a good old-fashioned serial line.

> Admittedly this was not designed for computer use, but for hardware

> that will then drive either physical clocks, or produce SMPTE/EBU time

> code (as used by radio and television broadcasting).


> Peter (BBC, London)

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