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ask google to search for
"Future of the Coordinated Universal Time time scale"
the result should be

For ITU-R languages other than English replace the end E by other
letters such as, I think, F, R, A, S

search down for
to see what the WRC said about UTC.

Note that the numbers 1.14, 2.5, 2.6 are Radio Regulations from
Article 1 and Article 2.

(dated 2009)

1.14 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC): Time scale, based on the
second (SI), as defined in ITU-R Recommendation ITU-R TF.460-4.

way back in 1992 it used to be that 1.14 said

1.14 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) Time scale, based on the
second (SI), as defined in Recommendation ITU-R TF.460-6.
(WRC-03) For most practical purposes associated with the Radio
Regulations, UTC is equivalent to mean solar time at the prime
meridian (0B0 longitude), formerly expressed in GMT.

(dated 2005)

2.5 Whenever a date is used in connection with Coordinated
Universal Time (UTC), this date shall be that of the prime
meridian at the appropriate time, the prime meridian corresponding
to zero degrees geographical longitude.

2.6 Whenever a specified time is used in international
radiocommunication activities, UTC shall be applied, unless
otherwise indicated, and it shall be presented as a four-digit
group (0000-2359). The abbreviation UTC shall be used in all

Note with great amusement that radio regulation 2.5 defines the
concept of UTC date using terminology directly derived from the
rotation of the earth. (What other option is there?)

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