[LEAPSECS] "old UTC" and "new UTC"

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Mon Mar 26 09:01:30 EDT 2012

Warner Losh wrote:

> Rob Seaman wrote:

>> Time, on the other hand, is a complex concept of diverse meanings. It will come as no surprise that I regard civil timekeeping as most closely allied with its meaning as an angular reference.


> The close alignment is due to the historical definition of the second. There is also a close relationship between the second, the Hz and pure elapsed time from an epoch. There's two time scales here, no matter how you slice it. The main point of contention between us has been which one should be primary :)

Perhaps the main point between us. The proposed revision to ITU-R 460-6, however, is a fumble-fingered attempt to pretend those two very different time scales are the same thing.


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