[LEAPSECS] Dava Sobel article about Charlottesville meeting

Gerard Ashton ashtongj at comcast.net
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Dava Sobel mention that time displayed on cell phones is consistent. But I
just took a course on evaluating emergency exercises where the instructor
emphasized the importance of synchronizing watches with the exercise leader,
so that records of events by evaluators in different locations can be
correlated. The instructor claimed that the times displayed by different
cell phones can vary by several minutes.

Gerard Ashton

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Dava Sobel, the author of exquisite books like "A More Perfect Heaven" and
"Galileo's Daughter" as well as of the rousing tale of John Harrison's
clocks and the discovery of the "Longitude", has written a charming piece
about the recent Charlottesville UTC meeting:


Every article that mentions the suprachiasmatic nucleus but not POSIX is a
win for humanity :-)


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