[LEAPSECS] Dava Sobel article about Charlottesville meeting

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Tue Jul 23 01:31:12 EDT 2013

> ...times displayed by different cell phones can vary by several minutes.

This was a similar talking point at the first UTC meeting (p.4, last para.):


LEAPSECS is extremely practiced at dissecting assertions about civil timekeeping. No piece written for a general audience stands a chance. The next paragraph mentions Genesis; one suspects a biblical scholar could find issues, too :-)

On the other hand, fact-checking the later statements about circadian rhythms ("25-hour species trapped on a 24-hour planet") shows that we humans are actually better clocks than asserted:


Not a 25 hour species, but 24h 11m +/- 2.4 minutes.

We might want to avoid missing the forest for the trees:


Even a stopped clock can fill a useful role in timekeeping...


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