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Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Wed Feb 12 17:22:34 EST 2014

Ian Batten said:

>> The easternmost point of the London district of Greenwich is a the

>> intersection of two roads, Maze Hill and Charlton Way. The coordinates are

>> 51° 28.509' N, 0° 0.602' E


> I'm not sure what you're using as a definition of "district". SE2 0AT is in the

> Royal Borough of Greenwich, and is 51° 28' 57.8442"N, 0° 7' 15.0053"E.

> There are places slightly east of there that are also in the Borough.

Google Maps seems to think that the easternmost point of the Borough is the
intersection of Brampton Road and Longleigh Lane. This is at
51.477106,0.123897. Streetmap (using the OS maps) agrees and gives me
coordinates of:

OS X (Eastings) 547590
OS Y (Northings) 177498
Nearest Post Code DA7 5SE
Lat (WGS84) N51:28:38 (51.477194)
Long (WGS84) E0:07:26 (0.123860)
LR TQ475774

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