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On Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 6:02 AM, Matsakis, Demetrios <
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> 3. There is no one who says he/she would support UTC redefinition, but
> ONLY IF the name is also changed.

For what its worth (and it is worth little, I redistribute NTP services and
like to read stuff), I am against dropping leap seconds, but not by much.
It makes no real difference to me, and people smarter than will come to a
good decision.

As an engineer, and an ISO auditor, I _am_ against reusing terms.  I am not
saying it never makes sense, just that we need not do that.  There is no
shortage of 3 letter terms (yet), use a new one.  That way, everyone can be
happy, and some of us can plot pretty graphs of what should have been, and
pedantically celebrate New Year "the old way, when time was earth angle,
sonny"; while others have a smooth timescale which makes more sense.

Basically, let us not have the "is this pre-1959 inches, or post" issue.

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