[LEAPSECS] Changing the name of TAI?

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at meinberg.de
Mon Oct 20 05:22:13 EDT 2014

Rob Seaman wrote:
> As has been discussed there is no proposal to rename UTC.  The same
> cannot be said about TAI, however.
> For whatever reason the proposal from the 2003 Torino colloquium to
> define a new leapless timescale called Temps International (TI) has been
> ignored.  But it isn't only UTC that TI was meant to supplant:
>     /“In the case of a redefinition of UTC without leap seconds, the
>     CCTF would consider discussing the possibility of suppressing TAI,
>     as it would remain parallel to the continuous UTC."
>     (/http://www.bipm.org/cc/CCTF/Allowed/18/CCTF_09-27_note_on_UTC-ITU-R.pdf)

Hm, at least the PTP protocol (IEEE 1588) has been defined to be based 
on TAI, and PTP currently just starts to be used for accurate timekeeping.

If TAI would be suppressed soon this would certainly cause a lot of new 

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