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What is the "unacceptable risk"?? Just what are we risking? We have had Leap Seconds since 1972, and after 42+ years we
seem to be doing OK!



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Just after the WP7A activity in Geneva earlier this month the CGSIC declared that leap seconds are unacceptable risk.

 <http://www.gps.gov/cgsic/timing/2014-resolution/> http://www.gps.gov/cgsic/timing/2014-resolution/


Their history neglects that initial need for leap seconds was to satisfy the demands of the IAU and navigation community
that the radio broadcast time signals *must* provide Universal Time.


I wonder if the ITU-R process can go to its completion without introducing any document which points out that to omit
leap seconds from a time scale called UTC is to redefine the word "day".



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