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Historically they issued leap seconds as early as practical.  For example, see “leap second scheduling” discussion at:


More recently that statisitical bias hasn’t been as obvious, but then there have been fewer samples.

One can hypothesize the factors that go into this decision or the stakeholders with a say, I’d prefer to hear from the decision-makers themselves if any are reading this :-)


> On Jan 8, 2015, at 6:06 AM, Peter Vince <petervince1952 at gmail.com> wrote:
> While allowed to be up to 0.9 of a second out, presumably they are choosing to keep it closer, and within ± 0.5 if possible.  The current prediction shows it is likely to be 660ms out on the 30th of June, while by December it would be 824!
> On 8 January 2015 at 08:53, <mike at lumieresimaginaire.com <mailto:mike at lumieresimaginaire.com>> wrote:
> As we know, a leap second insertion has been scheduled for the end of june this year. My personal bet ws on that date, but judging by the IERS predictions of the UT1-UTC delta it could have been put off till december, or even june/dec 2016 and still remained within the .9 sec limits defined by ITU-R TF.460-6. Was this date chosen as a wakeup call to WP7A? (rhetorical).
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