[LEAPSECS] Improvements since 2012

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Mon Jan 12 02:36:11 EST 2015

Steve Allen writes:
> On Sat 2015-01-10T22:53:14 -0800, Ask Bj=F8rn Hansen hath writ:
> > What's better about NTP and the NTP Pool since 2012?
> This is a question better answered by David Malone based on his
> long-term monitoring of the leap flags in the NTP pool, but ...
> At the end of 2012 July there were false leap second events from NTP
> pool servers which were inappropriately advertising that a leap was
> still pending.  This happened again at the end of 2012 August.  I
> don't know if those servers were upgraded to better versions of NTP or
> if they were simply excluded from the pool, but the false leap flags
> seem to be way down by now.

This is almost certainly not a problem with NTP.  It is almost certainly
a problem with either a refclock (or a signal being fed to a refclock)
or folks having bad leapsecond data, or manually forcing a leap second
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