[LEAPSECS] stale leap second information

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Fri Jan 16 12:14:33 EST 2015

On Jan 16, 2015, at 8:57 AM, Warner Losh <imp at bsdimp.com> wrote:

> I’m *loving* this.

It's a bit of a goof...but that doesn't necessarily invalidate the gimmick.

> In fact, you could actually make the lookups easier if you leveraged the domain
> system. <month>.<year>.lastsec.utc.int would be the lookup.

This also avoids whatever practical or prescribed limit there is to an IPV6 list as used here.

> This could also be trivially extended to DUT1 where monthly, or even daily, DUT1 measurements could be published by looking up increasingly specific numbers.

Not sure "trivial" is the right word and the different scheduling of knowledge of these (in advance or retroactively) will start to get in the way.

The solution needs to remain scalable whatever features are added.

> I don’t imagine this would happen on a scale measured in anything less than decades :(.

More dramatic progress on many other projects has happened more quickly.


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