[LEAPSECS] stale leap second information

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Fri Jan 16 19:10:22 EST 2015

"Poul-Henning Kamp" writes:
> The ideal situation would be that IERS and the major timelabs agreed
> to do this, so that a DNS lookup of leapsecond.iers.org,
> leapsecond.nist.gov, leapsecond.ptb.de and so an all did the same
> thing, and people could pick who they trust.

We've been talking about a "Stratum 0 Consortium" for Network Time

This is an example of one of the things that I think it could help with.

The biggest stumbling blocks I see is that NTF doesn't have anywhere
near an operational budget yet, and the obvious folks who would join
such a consortium don't have budget for that either.
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