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>I am unaware of any authoritative computations about whether the
>very recent rotational speed-up is due to what is loosely called
>"global warming" or if it is a classical decadal fluctuation related
>to the motion of the Earth's core.

We have had almost overlapping hiatuses in global warming and
leap seconds in the last 10-15 years.

Volcanoes have just now been implicated in about 1/6th of the former:


This makes my coincidence detector rattle and googling a little bit
found this article:


If nothing else it sounds like we may indeed live in interesting times.

I can see the earth rotation <--> volcano eruption link going both ways,
as a matter of stresses in one direction and lubrication in the other.

As interesting as this might be intellectually, if melting ice-sheets
case an order of magnitude more volcano eruptions leap seconds will
not be our most pressing problem.


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