[LEAPSECS] DNS examples

Steffen Nurpmeso sdaoden at yandex.com
Fri Jan 23 16:08:50 EST 2015

"Clive D.W. Feather" <clive at davros.org> wrote:
 |Steffen Nurpmeso said:
 |>|> Well.  PHK follows the IERS format which uses the 1st of the month
 |>|> after the leap second, i.e., the second after the leap occurred.
 |>|This is an implementation detail.  PHK???s choice is as good as the other.
 |> And i disagree with that.  The ISO C(99) standard doesn't offer

 |Irrelevant. The C Standard, in general, holds only those facilities which


 |> So in order to calculate the
 |> actual date where the drift adjustment occurs you have to face
 |> a very elaborate conversion.
 |No, you need to use a library that's already been written to do the job.
 |Takes 10 seconds or so.

Ooooohh.  (yes.)

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