[LEAPSECS] Google, Amazon, now Microsoft

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Mon Jun 1 12:37:28 EDT 2015

> Tom Van Baak said:
>> On a positive note, this means one could actually experience more than one
>> Windows non-leap-second on June 30. Maybe this year I should try to
>> celebrate the leap second twice, in Mountain and in Pacific time. Time to
>> pull out the road map.
> Why stop with Mountain and Pacific?  There are many more time zones to try.
> If you don't capture the event you want, just change the time zone and try 
> again.  You have an hour to tweak things and get setup to try again.

Hi Hal,

Oh, I wasn't thinking of cheating and adjusting timezones with a mouse click. For maximum photo effect, I was planning to drive my mobile (car) time lab across two time zones the night of June 30 and catch two Azure leap seconds. Timezones are too wide to hit three in under 2 hours.


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