[LEAPSECS] leap second festivities?

Richard Langley lang at unb.ca
Tue Jun 30 16:53:42 EDT 2015

There should be a 7-pip (as opposed to 6-pip) time signal on some of the BBC radio stations. Most are streamed. I'd check Radio 4 first.
-- Richard

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On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 09:42:50PM +0100, Rob Seaman wrote:
> Any thoughts on watching Google’s (or anybody else’s) smear in
> action?  Kind of like watching paint dry, but still…

I did think about fetching it hourly, to see if I could see dirft
in the HTTP timestamps, but didn't get around to scripting it.

> For folks without an analog radio handy, what’s the best online
>(simulated or realish) WWV (or other time signal) audio, strictly
>for ambience?  Won’t be like listening in a telescope dome, but

The websdr site is pretty nice, if you don't have your own receiver:


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