[LEAPSECS] leap second festivities?

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Tue Jun 30 17:44:35 EDT 2015

Hi Warner,

> I’m getting hate mail from a former job. Seems like 7 years ago I put some stupid code into the tree. It was there for only a year or two, but today it took out a few really old systems that were still running this code…
> How’s your day going?

Bummer.  You don’t indicate if this is leap second related.  Perhaps 7 years is rounded from 6.5 years for the 2008 leap second?  Then one wonders why this wasn’t an issue in 2012.  Or why it would hit in advance of the leap.

If not related to the leap (or even if it is), I’ll buy you one of those single malts somebody was talking about.

Not specific to UTC issues, but several here are organizing a symposium, “The Science of Time”, to be held a year from now at Harvard:


By that point the leap second and ITU smoke will have cleared and I’ll buy the first round for anybody from leapsecs who attends.


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