Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Tue Mar 3 19:43:29 EST 2015

Hal Murray writes:
> > GPS time (or whatever) is fine in closed projects/environments, but IMO  a
> > UTC and TAI are the "global" time scales, while GPS is specific to the  U.S
> .
> Since GPS time is a fixed offset from TAI, it's easy to convert.
> My vote would be to use TAI rather than GPS wherever you are trying to avoid 
> leap seconds.
> (If you are dealing with GPS itself rather than time in general, it might 
> make sense to use GPS time consistently throughout a project.)

The Generl Timestamp API supports multiple timescales, so if there is a
GPS timescale that's easy.  If other satellite systems use different
timescales then that's perfectly OK too.

As long as there's a way to map these to/from a canonical form
(currently TAI) then we should be fine.
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