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Fri Mar 6 21:02:12 EST 2015


Paul Hirose writes:
> I distribute a Windows astronomical toolbox DLL which includes time
> scale conversions. Since astronomy often requires analysis of old
> data, the DLL can deal with pre-1972 UTC. I won't get into the dispute
> over whether or not that's bona fide UTC! However, the IERS and USNO
> recognize it as such, so I assume the user will expect time
> conversions to work in that era. (I have never needed that capability
> myself.)

When we get a bit more down the road with NTF's General Timestamp API,
I'd appreciate your taking a look at what we're doing and helping out in
any way you are up for.  One of the issues that will need more attention
is pre-1972 stuff.
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