[LEAPSECS] RA & WRC 15, AI 1.14, leap second alliances

Steve Allen sla at ucolick.org
Sat Oct 24 17:13:58 EDT 2015

RA-15 begins Monday in Geneva, but the documents from the ITU-R
including their most recent version of the FAQ at
indicate that the RA will discuss but make no decision
about leap seconds in UTC.

WRC-15 begins the week after that, and the deadline for
contributions was the beginning of this week.
On the WRC-15 contributions web pages
there are several contributions specifically about AI 1.14.
The text of those contributions is not available, but the alliances of
countries are visible:

[ 131 ]
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Iceland,
Ireland, Slovenia (Republic of), Vatican City State

[ 129 ]
Benin (Republic of), Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire (Republic of),
Gambia (Republic of the), Ghana, Guinea (Republic of), Niger
(Republic of the), Nigeria (Federal Republic of), Senegal (Republic
of), Togolese Republic

[ 84 ]
Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania
(Republic of), Luxembourg, Monaco (Principality of), Norway,
Poland (Republic of), Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain

The one contribution that can be read is the one from Asia-Pacific
which prefers method A1, rejects method B, and cautions about A2.

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