[LEAPSECS] GPS is getting the leap second

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at burnicki.net
Wed Jul 20 04:10:40 EDT 2016

Steve Allen wrote:
> According to
> http://cruisersnet.net/civil-global-positioning-system-service-interface-committee-future-leap-second-scheduled/
> yesterday the USAF started telling the GPS constellation about the
> upcoming leap second, so receivers are beginning to demonstrate
> reactions to that information.

Yes, the mbgstatus program for Meinberg GPS PCI cards now reports for
the UTC parameters:

WNlsf: 1929, DN: 7, offs: 17/18
UTC offset transition from 17s to 18s due to leap second
insertion at UTC midnight at the end of 2016-12-31.


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