[LEAPSECS] private smear goes public

Brooks Harris brooks at edlmax.com
Wed Nov 30 22:06:49 EST 2016

Hi Tom,

Sure enough, it's there. I've got an SNTP client I built for Windows I 
use for simple investigations. It connects to time.google.com just fine. 
(And, by the way, shows a much shorter round-trip-delay than nist ntp 
servers I've used).

One wishes announments like this were a bit more accurate. They say "... 
we'll run the clocks 0.0014% slower across the ten hours before and ten 
hours after the leap second ...", but I think it must be closer to 
0.00138888 percent. I wonder what precision they use?


On 2016-11-30 04:05 PM, Tom Van Baak wrote:
> I'm surprised no one has posted this news yet:
> "Making every (leap) second count with our new public NTP servers"
> https://cloudplatform.googleblog.com/2016/11/making-every-leap-second-count-with-our-new-public-NTP-servers.html
> /tvb
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