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On 2017-01-31 04:15 AM, michael.deckers via LEAPSECS wrote:
>    On 2017-01-30 21:36, Brooks Harris wrote:
>> .................................... It seems to me this is where the 
>> UTC
>> specifications are scattered over many documents and no one document 
>> makes it
>> clear by itself, and this leaves room for misunderstanding.
>    Actually, there is just one official document
>    defining UTC (ITU-R Rec 460); plus of course
>    the Bulletins C of the IERS. 
Generally I agree these are the two most relevant documents. But Rec 460 
doesn't point you to Bulletin C specifically, IERS has many other 
products, and the BIPM Annual Report on Time Activities looks official, 
and it is. Its scattered in the sense you can't find anything, or, 
rather, you find many things, and Rec 460 doesn't say "as per IERS 
Bulletin C". Only after much research might you conclude Bulletin C is 
the most official, or most important, or most punctual, of the IERS 
products. Even now I'm not completely sure of that, that there isn't 
some other document somewhere....

> Everything else
>    is interpretation and not necessarily correct.
>    So I do not see a problem with scattered
>    documents.
>    What is missing quite a bit, as far as I can see,
>    is a set of commonly accepted and applied "mises en
>    pratique" for the leap seconds of UTC: documents
>    that provide guidance for dealing with leap seconds
>    in specific areas.
>    Michael Deckers.
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