[LEAPSECS] BBC radio Crowd Science

michael.deckers michael.deckers at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 1 07:00:10 EST 2017

    On 2017-01-31 14:13, Tony Finch wrote:

> Y'know, if you are going to argue with one of my messages, it would be
> more polite not to snip the sentence I wrote which agrees with your
> points. You wrote a good pedantic analysis of the problem; a pity it
> wasn't also kind.

    I am sorry I was impolite; I did not intend to. Nor did
    I intend to argue with your message (but only with the text
    of IERS Bulletins C).

    I try to snip all text that I find unnecessary for understanding
    the point I am going to make; unfortunately, I had snipped too much.

    And thanks for your response.

    Michael Deckers.

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