[LEAPSECS] Of stepping motors and leap seconds

Rob Seaman seaman at lpl.arizona.edu
Thu Feb 7 14:33:11 EST 2019

The Corpus Clock is entirely mechanical (and analog), isn't it? The
distinctive lighting effects are cleverly designed backlit slits lining
up or blocking the illumination.

On the other hand, the Clock of the Long Now is a mechanical digital
computer: https://www.10000yearclock.net



On 2/7/19 11:03 AM, Tony Finch wrote:
> Steve Summit <scs+ls at eskimo.com> wrote:
>> I also have a detailed plan in my head -- I'm not sure I'll
>> ever manage to implement it -- for a computer-aided mechanical
>> pendulum clock.
> Reminds me of the Corpus Clock https://fanf.dreamwidth.org/96948.html
> aka the Chronophage.
> Tony.
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