Markdown 1.0.2b4 Performance Drop

Allan Odgaard 29mtuz102 at
Tue Aug 1 11:27:58 EDT 2006

On 1/8/2006, at 7:57, John Gruber wrote:

>> Though I did notice a significant performance drop: The TextMate

>> manual is 3,000 lines (173 KB) and previously took 4-5 seconds to

>> convert to HTML (measuring only time spent by ``.) With

>> the new version this has increased to almost 30 seconds.

> Is that a single file, or a bunch of files? That'd be a great test

> case either way

It’s one file per chapter, although for this test I merged them.

> would you be willing to share the source input and your build script?

Sure, of course this is probably more of a benchmark test, as I try
to avoid edge cases.

Here are the pages: <>

I left out the build script, as that just wraps the output in ERb
templates, creates Table of Contents etc. which IMO is not useful for
testing Markdown converters themselves. The markdown.references is
the shared reference list for the chapters, so that should be
appended to whatever file is converted.

> (Or if you already have, remind where

> exactly I can find it -- I do recall your weblog post from a few

> months back explaining your Markdown-based documentation system.)

More than half a year has actually passed, yes, time sure flies ;)

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