Re: Formal Grammar — some thoughts

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Wed Aug 2 16:36:58 EDT 2006

Le 1 août 2006 à 22:45, Allan Odgaard a écrit :

> On 2/8/2006, at 4:35, Michel Fortin wrote:


>> [...] I think I'm simply failing to see the problem you have to

>> solve. Could I ask for a concrete example of what you want?


> What I want is a Markdown syntax definition which is exhaustive and

> free of inconsistency.

My question was related to why, in the same list, you would want to
have items with block-level content and others with span-level
content; you said it was a "common problem".

As for an exhaustive syntax definition, someone will have to make one
because none exists at the moment.

Michel Fortin
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