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Wed Aug 2 16:37:03 EDT 2006

Le 1 août 2006 à 22:41, Allan Odgaard a écrit :

> On 2/8/2006, at 2:45, Allan Odgaard wrote:


>> [...] seeing how nested lists defy your rule.


> And btw, so does block level raw:


> * some raw text


> more raw text


> * next spaced out item


> Here the first list item is allowed to contain block level content

> according to your rule, as it both has a blank line in the actual

> content and a blank line separating it from the next item.

Indeed, both list items will be interpreted as block-level elements.

And, by the way, what you're calling "block level raw" is called a
code block in Markdown.

> Yet the first line of the item is not treated as raw -- now this

> could be the “eight spaces or two tabs” as required when a raw

> environment is in a list item. Though adding that does not change

> things.

I agree, your example should work fine according to the
specification. That's clearly a bug in the software.

In fact, by looking at the code, it appears that Markdown removes the
leading whitespace from the list item before processing its content.
It ought to be more careful with how much space it removes.

> It should maybe be added that block level raw is possible on the

> first line of a block quote.

... because there is no bug with blockquotes.

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