Markdown and the hCal microformat

Michael McCracken mike at
Fri Aug 4 18:43:44 EDT 2006

On Aug 3, 2006, at 12:53 PM, Michel Fortin wrote:

> Le 3 août 2006 à 15:16, Milian Wolff a écrit :


>> And to the general idea: I think markdown should become extensible

>> (the php oo

>> version is already?) - and this would perfectyl fit into an

>> extension.

>> Nothing for the main package though.


> I agree with this. Calendars can be written in a lot of different

> ways, and the output expected will vary depending on the

> application. Keeping this separate as an extension to Markdown

> seems the best.

Did you mean calendars can be marked up in different ways in HTML, or
that people will want to write different markdown-style syntax for

I was hoping to start a discussion on what the 'markdown way' to
write calendar entries should be.
I tried to start from what I'd seen in emails, but I was hoping for
some feedback about the syntax I came up with.

> Yes, PHP Markdown, the object oriented version I announced a little

> while ago, is better suited for extension than John's Perl

> Markdown. But there is no "intelligent" way to add a function in

> the middle of the processing chain other than by replacing the

> caller function, which makes any extension rather inelegant (but

> still better than before). Improving PHP Markdown's extension

> capabilities is on my todo list.

As far as extension, I think there will probably be a small set of
microformats which could reasonably be included in the core Markdown
syntax (assuming that the Markdown community is interested in
microformats). Specifically, I mean the hCard contact info and hCal
calendar entries.
If it's just two formats, perhaps extension is unnecessary?
(Especially considering that extension support is not present in
current Markdown versions?)


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