PHP 5 port of Markdown, plugin-based

Paul M Jones pmjones88 at
Tue Aug 15 11:21:36 EDT 2006


First of all, thanks to John Gruber for the fantastic Markdown syntax
and parse/render system. Also, thanks to Michel Fortin for his PHP 4
version of Markdown.

Based on those two works, I have completed a **plugin-aware** PHP 5
version of Markdown. You can see it in Subversion here:

* <>

* <>

Every Markdown rule is now a plugin, and new plugins can be added
into the processing stream. I have taken some liberties with this
implementation, such as using delimited integer markers instead of
MD5 hashes, and changing some of the rule names (e.g., from "Anchors"
to "Links" in one case, and from "ItalicsAndBold" to "EmStrong" in

Solar_Markdown comes with unit tests for individual plugins, and
passes the MarkdownTest suite John has so kindly published (except
for the "advanced inline html" test, which apparently nobody passes
at this point).

* <>

I'm happy to take feedback and suggestions for improving the code,
and I hope it can be of use to any PHP 5 folks who love Markdown.


Paul M. Jones <>

Solar: Simple Object Library and Application Repository
for PHP5. <>

Savant: The simple, elegant, and powerful solution for
templates in PHP. <>

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