getting test added to the standard test suite.

Jacob Rus jrus at
Wed Aug 30 23:49:31 EDT 2006

John Gruber wrote:

> Hmm, this is interesting.


> Most of these seem straightforward as to what the results should

> be, but this one seems weird to me:


> reference [**test**][]


> [test]:

> [**test**]:


> My gut feeling is that the current result from is correct:


> <p>reference <a href=""><strong>test</strong></a></p>


> but it does seem like a weird thing to write.

This really feels wrong to me. If it were up to me, this would just
break, and users would get back something like `[**test**][]`, because
supporting this across versions is going to be a big hassle, and there's
no reason anyone can't simply use [**test**][test] instead, which makes
for much nicer references. The reference name should be text, not markup!

-Jacob Rus

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