Maruku: a better Markdown interpreter for Ruby.

John MacFarlane jgm at
Fri Dec 29 02:30:10 EST 2006

+++ Jacob Rus [Dec 28 06 17:18 ]:

> Jan Erik Moström wrote:

> > A question: am I correct when I guess that all implementations

> > use regexp to parse the text


> Yes


> > or is there some implementation

> > that do "real" parsing?


> No

Yes. Pandoc <> does "real"
parsing, using Haskell's Parsec library of parser combinators. I suppose
one might quibble about whether it counts as an "implementation"
of markdown; it comes close to full compatibility, but differs from
standard markdown on a few edge cases (described in the documentation),
and also provides a few syntax extensions. With some effort, I suppose,
a "full compatibility" mode could be added.


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