Doubt about standard syntax

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Fri Dec 29 15:02:07 EST 2006

Le 2006-12-29 à 14:04, Waylan Limberg a écrit :

> Mostly. It depends on which implementation your using. Perl (the

> original) gets it right. Php wraps the blockquotes and headers in the

> paragraph (did I find a bug?) and python misses the blockquote

> completely but gets the header right.

That's a regression in PHP Markdown. If you look not so distantly in
the past (1.0.1c and beyond), the output was the same as in the Perl
version. You indeed found a bug I introduced while moving to the
object-oriented hash-everything architecture, thank you. Time for me
to add a test-case.

And while PHP Markdown use John's Perl implementation as a reference,
that doesn't necessarily mean that's the right thing to do. But until
that changes, I'll probably follow what is done in Perl for the sake
of compatibility.

Michel Fortin
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