Maruku: a better Markdown interpreter for Ruby.

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Sat Dec 30 10:30:08 EST 2006

* Jan Erik Moström <lists at> [2006-12-30 16:05]:

> Reply to Andrea Censi <andrea at> 06-12-30 12:24:

> >Again, I understand you concern that all Markdown

> >implementations should give the same results. But at the

> >moment, and I think that is not only my opinion, the Markdown

> >specification has a lot of holes. So even if wanted, I could

> >not make Maruku "Markdown 1.0 compatible".


> I don't think it's a matter of copying the bugs it's a matter

> what the actual commands are. I already see a number of

> variations of Markdown (supersets) and I personally think this

> is "dangerous" ... if it's Markdown encoded text it should be

> rendered correctly (bugs are as I say a different thing) by all

> Markdown implementations.

The problem is that there is effectively no spec. There is a
format documentation, but there are many cases it does not
specify precisely (or at all). In that case, only the behaviour
of can be of guidance; but it is not clear which
behaviours are correct, which are incidental, and which are bugs;
precisely because no thorough spec exists.

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