best way to use emphasis within code?

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Sat Dec 30 23:06:57 EST 2006

Le 2006-12-30 à 14:13, Jeremy C. Reed a écrit :

> I want to use fixed font like a code block but also use italics and

> bold

> at same time.


> For example in HTML:


> <tt>$ <b>mail -u <i>user</i></b></tt>


> What is the best way to do this in markdown, especially if I have

> several

> lines of content that needs to be spaced out correctly?

The only way is to write these parts in HTML yourself, as you did
above, and insert them in the Markdown document. Everything inside a
code block or a code span is taken literally by Markdown, no
exception, so you can't add any tag inside them.

Michel Fortin
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