Escaping inside code blocks?

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Sun Dec 31 04:24:01 EST 2006

On 12/31/06, John Gruber <gruber at> wrote:

> Unless I'm forgetting something, the documentation is wrong. Or,

> more specifically, it is outdated. The idea is that there are no

> escapes in code spans. Just like with code blocks, the contents

> are treated literally. That means the only character you have to

> worry about escaping is '`' itself, and instead of escaping it

> with a backslash or something, the rule is just that you increase

> the number of backticks used as the code span delimiters such that

> if the contents of the code span contains N consecutive backticks,

> you use N+1 backticks to delimit the span.


> > Question 2:

> > What is the Markdown syntax for representing:

> > 1) an inline code span whose string is "`" (only a backtick)


> `` ` ``

So the spaces around the single "`" disappear?

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