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Le 2006-12-31 à 12:26, Andrea Censi a écrit :

> On 12/31/06, Michel Fortin <michel.fortin at> wrote:

>> Le 2006-12-31 à 5:01, Andrea Censi a écrit :


>> > Ideally the list of characters that MIGHT be escaped should be the

>> > same in every part of the document, while some characters MUST be

>> > escaped in certain parts.


>> Well, that's what I had in mind too.



> Unfortunately, there is an exception to be done for backward

> compatibility:


> [alt text](/url/ "Title with " quotes " inside")

Unless there's a misunderstanding somewhere, this is not an exception
at all: you MIGHT escape the quotes in the title if you want, it's
only that you don't really have to. The characters you MIGHT escape
are the same everywhere, the characters you MUST escape depends on
the context you're in.

At least, that's the theory. If you really wanted to show a backward
compatibility problem, you could have given this:

[alt text](/url/ "Title with \" quotes \" inside")

In this case, using either or PHP Markdown, the
backslashes are taken literally and show up in the title attribute.
I'd tend to believe this is a bug.

A side effect of this is that there's no way to include the string ")
within a title attribute inside an inline-style link, nor can you add
some space between the quote and the closing parenthesis to avoid the

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