adding [markdown] to the email subject lines for markdown-discuss

Brian Forte bforte at
Fri Jul 7 22:35:42 EDT 2006


>I was wondering what people thought to the idea of getting "[markdown]"

>added to the subject lines of all the mails to the markdown mailing list?


>It would certainly help me out with my email organisation.

If you're looking for something to filter Markdown list mail on,
there's a bunch of already extant headers to choose from:

Reply-To: "Discussion related to Markdown." <markdown-discuss at>
List-Id: "Discussion related to Markdown." <>
List-Unsubscribe: <>,
<mailto:markdown-discuss-request at>
List-Archive: <>
List-Post: <mailto:markdown-discuss at>
List-Help: <mailto:markdown-discuss-request at>
List-Subscribe: <>,
<mailto:markdown-discuss-request at>
Sender: markdown-discuss-bounces at
Errors-To: markdown-discuss-bounces at

FWIW, I use 'List-Id'.

Most of these headers aren't routinely displayed by e-mail clients
but most can be dug out. The exact method for doing this changes from
client to client.

Eudora, for example, has a 'Blah Blah Blah' button at the top of a
message window that causes said message window to display the entire
contents of the message in raw text form, which shows all the headers.

If you use Thunderbird just choose View > Headers > All.

NB, you don't have to display all these headers to create a filter
that depends on them, but it's useful to see exactly what headers are
in a message when creating your filter.

Hope this helps.


Brian Forte.
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